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Attending a music industry conference or event? Chances are, so are we!!! Check out our scheduled list of upcoming conferences and events we will be attending. Leave some room in your schedule for us and let's meet! 

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Sille Publishing provides administration for the artists on its roster, including all musical works created by composers at ProSound Media.

This includes pitching to labels, issuing licenses, collecting royalties, actively finding sync opportunities, registering copyrights, and accounting to name a few.

why us

In an over-saturated industry filled with opportunists, aligning yourself with the right team makes all the difference. We specialize in Urban Music, and have the relationships with the people in the industry who are seeking your music for placements. 

At Sille Publishing, we are artists FIRST and administrators SECOND. We know what its like first hand to get a "bad deal". One piece of advice we always tell our clients is..."never sign a contract that has terms you're not comfortable with."  

We are here to not only work for you but with you as well. Which is why we try to educate our clients as much as possible to empower them along the way. We believe in creating win\win\win scenarios. Let us create some WINS for you!


What are the "rights" to a song? They can range from copyrights, to publishing, to mechanical licensing, and more!

At Sille Publishing we believe in educating our clients to help them better understand the various rights attached to their song and the procedures for registering them. While we handle that, you can stay focused on making great music! 


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